The Journey

Senior accredited Journey practitioner since 2008. I am now in my 20th year with The Journey and love every minute of it !

After facilitating hundreds of sessions, over 20+ years, one on one in person and online, with all ages and types of people.

You can safely rest in the knowledge that, whatever you want help with to resolve, can be tenderly opened into, focusing on the cause, or struggle, or sickness, and then get you back on track.

You may know what you need – and if not then together we can arrive at the best plan for you.

At the core of The Journey is the idea that our bodies hold onto and store old emotions that we were not able to express fully when we originally felt them. These unexpressed emotions can become blocks in our bodies which prevent us from being our true selves, whether emotionally or physically. Having a Journey is a direct way of accessing and clearing these blocks, leaving you free and whole to live from the true power inside.

A deceptively simple technique that facilitates profound emotional and physical self-healing in the shortest possible time. Access cell memories and limiting patterns easily. A road map to the soul giving direct access to the boundless healing potential inside us all.

I highly recommend that you read ‘The Journey’ book by Brandon Bays before you come for your session. This will give you a clearer idea of what you can expect in a session and how the Journey works.

Brandon Bays describes the Journey process as traveling through layers, usually starting with the more superficial emotions, for example as irritation or anxiety. Then, when we go deeper into what’s beneath these, we uncover the more scary ones such as anger, fear or shame. At this point, most of us will stop exploring and start distracting ourselves, perhaps with food, shopping, TV bingeing, alcohol… anything to avoid going any further.

If we were to allow ourselves to stay present with what’s arising, we are likely to bump up against what Brandon calls ‘the unknown zone’, or what feels even worse, a ‘black hole’. At this point we really are going to run, in any direction… anything at all feels better than going ‘in there’.

This is when everything gets interesting, because there is something ‘in there’. Inside the black hole there is the pain, the loss, the devastation, the grief, and if we are willing to feel this fully, something changes. There is a softening, a hint of lightness, a release, a letting go… and then acceptance, a peace, a knowing. Once you have discovered this for yourself, everything changes.

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This form of modality is one which can only be ‘EXPERIENCED’, so therefore I recommend you relax and let your own inner guidance (higher self) direct your journey.

This process bypasses the known mind and allows your intelligence to guide you to where it knows best, guides you into your body’s wisdom.

A Session can be life changing, so I advise my clients to leave the whole day free so transformation can be honoured after your appointment.

In my experience and with those of my clients, there is often something hidden deeper underneath a presenting problem.

This means that anything can be worked with whether a physical challenge or emotional issue, from Trauma, to Sexual Abuse, to deep inner child wounds. All I ask is that you are willing to be open and present. Then together we can explore and work with the deeper issue.

What training has a Journey Practitioner undertaken?

The Accreditation process with The Journey involves the in-depth study and application of the Emotional Journey process, as well as the Physical Journey process. These techniques are further expanded to cover ‘Advanced skills’ and exercises completed as part of ‘The Designer Journey Process’, ‘The Abundance Process’ and ‘The Life’s Purpose Process’ training.

Journey Practitioners (sometimes referred to as Journey Therapists) are trained comprehensively in personality characterology in the form of The Enneagram and The No Ego process. Practitioner Training also covers aspects of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which include phobia cure, pain control, belief change, parts integration and the six-step reframe processes.

After all the training has been undertaken, the final stage of Journey Practitioner Accreditation requires Journey Practitioners to present 46 written case studies which are then assessed to ensure a consistently high quality of work. Once accredited, all Journey Practitioners have to resit the accreditation training week with Brandon at least once every three years to maintain their accredited status.

I am a highly experienced Journey Practitioner, trained personally by Brandon Bays, with a wealth of experience.

  Please enjoy this gift to you this month, the Conscious Choice process: