Dawn is one of those Journey practitioners where you just know that she can be with you with anything and everything that you may bring to a session. I have known Dawn for many years, and it is this depth of personal and professional commitment to serving truth and freedom from suffering that makes her services so powerful. Her being radiates strength and safety and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to meet and clear any old emotional issues.

Marion Young – Senior Accredited Journey Practitioner, Journey&Home Presenter and Journey Practitioner Assessor.

I have had some Journeys with Dawn and I have to say they were life changing. There were many negative thoughts and beliefs I had that were holding me back and affecting my wellbeing. I definitely recommend this method of working for freedom. I also felt safe and not judged when working with Dawn. The confidence and peace of mind I have now is amazing and more than I could have imagined. 


I have done the Journey with Dawn, not only is it amazing and healing, Dawn is so welcoming and helps you to feel so at ease with the process, I would so recommend doing it for yourself, with dawn’s help, thank you dawn what a blessing you are! So grateful the universe led me to you for healing. 


Dawn provides the space for one to go inside, to connect with those parts of ourselves which we have neglected or hidden from consciousness.

This is a real gift which she is able to share with others through being present with her true self and accepting of all that presents ; ‘welcoming’ others to connect.

Her coherent energy field allows her client to relax and surrender to their ‘journey’….expanding into an unfolding space of discovery and awareness of true being and knowing. Re-membering and coming together of the soul, spirit and mental, emotional and physical bodies.

An amazing gift which I am grateful to have been able to receive and which has assisted me in getting to know myself and my shadow.


“When I first heard of Dawn I knew instinctively that the Universe wanted us to connect. The certainty of that ‘knowing’ was brilliant ~ very much like the light and energy that surrounds Dawn.

I was led safely into a journey of self exploration and Dawn held the space for me to perfection. Layer upon layer of old negative programming peeled away easily and freely, combined with the most magical of visions. I saw my heart centre break free from the hard shell that encased it and was engulfed in such an expansive feeling of warmth and love. The experience was beyond words.

Dawn is a lady with extraordinary skills, she holds all the keys to all the doors. The shift in me has been simply incredible, a massive healing and such a boost forward. My message to you all is simple ~ invite Dawn in and experience the wonders of her magic for yourself.