Welcome to Your Journey

The Keys for Change

Hello! Welcome to your Journey. I’m very passionate about service and self-empowerment. I’m happy to follow your invitation for guiding and facilitating you through this stage of your life.

Dawn Hubbard

My Mission Statement

Is to hold a safe space for people to align with their self love, so they can positively and powerfully effect change in their world, and come to trust their bodies wisdom.

Reasons to receive a session with Dawn

After holding space and facilitating hundreds of journeys with people ranging from children to elders, you can safely rest in the knowledge that whatever your soul wants to work/heal can be tenderly opened into and brought up for freedom.

Perhaps you are seeking a new path, or you don’t know who you really are or HOW you want to be, or even don’t KNOW what you need or want. No worries, your inner wisdom knows exactly what needs to happen.

It could be your body has a dis-ease within it, or you feel there is a hole in you which you just can’t fill, this can be a wake up call.

Your inner knowing somehow feels called to DO SOMETHING.

Just the fact you are reading this means your ready!

Everything we discuss in your Journey session is completely confidential.

How do you do a session and what happens?

We will get present together whether in person or online, and in that presence, a journey of discovery and self empowerment unfolds exactly in the manner correct FOR YOU.

I may use tools from TheWork and Theta during your Journey process. I have found these both to be very powerful and to assist you in achieving your healing goal. More on The Journey here!

What’s my responsibility as a client?

In my experience and with those of my clients, there is often something hidden deeper underneath a presenting problem. This means that almost anything can be worked with whether a physical challenge or emotional. All I ask is that you are willing to be open and present. Then together we can explore and work with the deeper issue.

I recommend a chat to see if I am the person best suited for you, and if I am not then I have an extensive network of people who I can recommend.