The Keys for Change

with Dawn Hubbard

A toolbox of healing modalities all working toward the same goal . . .


I offer a personal and private one on one bespoke journey connection within the space of your own home online.

Passion, patience and understanding are three essential qualities I’ve developed as an Journey Accredited Practitioner. These values have helped me facilitate hundreds of clients throughout my Journey Career. My experience and love for authenticity and truth can enable me to help you reach your personal goals.

I am informed by those I have facilitated that they “Feel Safe” with me and this is a fundamental value I offer.

Over the years many issues have come up within my clients journey sessions and there is NO topic that can not be handled sensitively.

I work with a range of issues. Specialising in Early Childhood Trauma.

As you have found your way here, the chances are you are looking for some support.

To find some calm in the eye of the storm, and a way to navigate through these time.

To find some peace, or get some answers.

Maybe you are seeking some inner healing, in your Mind, Body or Soul.

I understand all those feelings and desires, as I’ve experienced the very same.

So I absolutely know it is possible to do this, even, and especially, in these changing years !

I would love to partner you on your journey to freedom and living your best life.

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