The Keys for Change

“The Keys for Change”
How can I support you?

Thank you for visiting my Website for Personal Transformation and Self Empowerment.

Dawn Hubbard

My Hearts Intent:

To Facilitate Self Empowerment, and Self Acceptance. To realise and support healing as you uncover that which has kept you blocked, or out of sorts, so ultimately you can come to remember that YOU hold the transformational Keys to your own Life.

Some Info :

After facilitating hundreds of sessions, over 20+ years, one on one in person and online, with all ages and types of people, you can safely rest in the knowledge that whatever you want help with to resolve, can be tenderly opened into, focusing on the cause, or struggle, or sickness, and then get you back on track.

Perhaps you are seeking a new path, or you don’t know who you really are or HOW you want to be, or even don’t KNOW what you need or want ? No worries, your inner wisdom knows exactly what needs to happen.

It may be that your body has a dis-ease within it, or you feel there is a hole in you which you just can’t fill, this can be a wake up call.

You may know that you need a Phobia cure, or have some limiting beliefs which you inherited from family or life circumstances and would like to let them go.

Maybe you are wanting to have less stress in your life, or would like to learn a technique to assist with pain control?

That inner knowing somehow feels called to DO SOMETHING.

Just the fact you are reading this means you are ready and wanting to address something in your life.

What is a ‘session’ and what exactly happens in it?

We will make a time which suits us both in person or online, and in that appointment, a journey of self discovery and self empowerment unfolds exactly in the manner correct FOR YOU.

Depending on what type of session you book will depend on the length of time we meet. For example a Phobia cure can take up to half an hour for 1 session. Whereby a full Designer Journey which includes all of my 20 plus years experience can take up to 3 hours. Using a combination of tools from my ‘tool kit’ of modalities including: The Journey, TheWork and Theta during your personal process. I have found these all to be very powerful and can assist you in achieving your healing goal.

What do I have to do?

A Session can be life changing, so I advise my clients to leave the whole day free so transformation can be honoured after your appointment. I ask that you refrain from stimulants and anti depressants, 24 hours before so you can have full access to your emotional and physical body. This is not a process to fall asleep in, its rather a conscious participation and exploration.

In my experience and with those of my clients, there is often something hidden deeper underneath a presenting problem. This means that almost anything can be worked with whether a physical challenge or emotional issue. All I ask is that you are willing to be open and present. Then together we can explore and work with the deeper issue.

I recommend a chat on the phone or a short taster zoom meeting, to see if I am the person best suited for you, and to agree on the type of session that will suit you best.