About me

Hi- My early years were spent in a depression of unworthiness, not really knowing who I was! Trying on what “society” believes you ‘should be’, so I left school early disgruntled, rebellious, frightened and so deeply sad and depressed, accepting that my life had no direction or purpose. I felt at the bottom of life’s choices. “Life Happens” was what I believed, and so it did.

Until one day after “again” seeing one of my negative behaviors! feeling desperately sad and afraid, I was ready for help. It came in the shape of a family member chucking a book at me and saying “Here this is more for you than me.”

The book was: The Journey by Brandon Bays. Here’s a free eBook version!

Reading it and shaking with terror I booked myself on a journey Intensive in London in 2002, and have never looked back. I took the Practitioners course in 2004, and continued to fall deeply in love with the work, healing my asthma and family relationships, keeping up to date with yearly courses, and assisting at events as a trainer.

Over the years I have expanded my modalities, my skill set to include, several compatible healing therapies. Today I can say “I really ACCEPT Who I am”, and own that woman who took those steps years ago’ to freedom.’

Whatever your story is, I offer a safe environment and a warm welcome and love in my heart for seekers of truth.


The past 2 years I have birthed my creativity, and Paint from my Heart, you can find my work at www.starseedingart.com.

January 2023 : Hosting / Leading Online 12 week course ‘The Artists Way” Julian Cameron

2022 : Senior Trainer at numerous Online International Journey Events